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STREET KID ….. The early years. (Liner notes from the Streetkid cd ‘Demos’)
“What is success?” Prince, 1992
How society measures success is relative.

Andrew, Benny, Dave and Tony never got the HIT records, sold out tours and great wealth that they deserved.

Their story is one of a five year journey filled with achievements and disappointments.

In 1980 four scuffling musicians decided to stop being sidemen and formed ‘Street Kid’, a rock-funk band with great songwriting and vocals. They wrote, recorded and performed original music that always made audiences happy. Along the way they became a family of four brothers who are still friends two decades later and still, separately, playing music.
As their one man road-crew I can attest that Street Kid gigs were, in the words of Allen Touissant “Fun time”. They were a crackerjack live band who could stop and turn on a dime. Andrew drums and Tony (aka “Dr.Funk”) bass, were an incredible rhythm section, always “in the pocket”. They were as close as the Bronx would ever come to Motown’s Benny Benjamin and James Jamerson. Dave could make his guitar wail, shriek or cry and after un-leashing a bitchin’ solo, could lay down some of the coolest R&B rhythm parts… so-o-o clean and tasty!

Benny? This Rican sure could rock. Copping a Gospel/Soul vibe on his electric piano in addition to driving audiences wild with his on (and off) stage antics: jumping from the bandstand to dancing and singing on top of the bar (who do ya think held his mic cord?).

Songs? Vocals? Dave and Benny wrote dozens of tunes filled with melodies and passion. The four part vocal harmonies were ASTOUNDING! Like a choir of funky angels.

“We were a fountain of creative energy” said Benny, “and live we always gave three hundred percent”. Dave recalls “Benny and I were the songwriters, Andrew and Tony were the arrangers. It was a great balance of original ideas”.

Some individuals were immense supporters of the band: Eddie Solan, owner and head engineer of Backstreet Studios in “Da Bronx”. As Dave puts it “Eddie was like the fifth member of ‘Street Kid’. He never asked for a penny for recording over twenty of our tunes. Just come in and we’ll do your stuff”.

Gig-wise, the band had regular ports of call. In Hastings on the Hudson, the “Moonlight Mile”. In Pelham, “Bendover’s where silliness counts”). New York City’s “Home” Bar (thanks Kenny Gorka!) and “C.D.’s Cafe” in Norwalk Connecticut (Hey CD, how’s the Hammond B-3?).

Of special mention would be the “Crazy Horse Cafe” in New Rochelle. Ably run by Vinny Pastore. “Vinny definitely kept the band working regularly” said Benny “also, he encouraged bands to write and perform their own music”. In an industry where most clubowners are cockroaches, Vinny was a Prince.

The music on this disc is from 1980 to 1982. Flat-out rockers like “Nothing’s Ever Forever” and “Shot in the Dark”. Ballads such as “Waiting Game”. Reggae with “Stand Your Ground” and blue eyed soul in “Have no Fear”. Street Kid’s music is from the heart, as the best always is…..

Steve Siciliano,
Fall 2003


Andrew and Tony went on to play in Howard Stern’s band “Pig Vomit” and recorded an album for ‘Oink’ records. A funny CD.
Andrew is currently a serious percussion teacher in the New York area.

Tony still records with his good friend Chip Taylor for Chip’s label, Trainwreck records.

Benny went on to become the Musical Director for LaToya Jackson and swears he met Michael. I think he did meet Janet. He’s currently performing his own music in the New York Metropolitan area and he still rocks the house.

Dave has his own band and music company, Cloud 9 Music, and still plays throughout Conneticutt.

Eddie Solan is as creative as ever, building custom furniture and engineering up in Danbury Conneticutt.

Vinny Pastore went on to become a tv and movie star and Kenny Gorka is doing wonderful things for the downtown New York music scene.

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